Ashlyn Sparklez (hypnotek) wrote in paraparaicons,
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Homework time!

Got a few mins-to a few hours to spare?

I am looking for icon tutorials through animation shop or PSP for animated gifs and or filter designs.

(Basically, if you make an icon, I ask you record step by step how you made it. This enables a better grasp on how to make neato cheato icons!)

Inspiration for this project can be anime or video game related (or movie, if you really like movies!)

Pleeease! I don't know much about anything spiffy to do, so i'm looking for ways to learn. If you yourself don't know, i'm sure you know places to find such tutorials!

I'd give you guys money, haha. But i'm broke. :/

Muffins and cookies! <3 <3
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