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ParaParaParadise Icon Community::::

For fans of PPP

ParaParaParadise Icon's!!!!
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Icon Community::::

Anyone can join.


·Bemani Systems Only ("talk-wise")
·No fighting
·ABSOLUTELY NO use of "icons" created unless permission asked and credited appropriately!

·Do NOT claim other icons as your own!

..Acceptable Icon Designs...

Banners, 50x50 aim icons, 100x100 LJ icons, or Buttons.

I do allow other icons to be made, but the general icon-subject is based on ParaParaParadise.

Other acceptible icon designs:
· Dance Dance Revolution
· Beatmania/IIDX
· Bemani/Konami characters
· Anime (but not a lot--I have an anime icon/image/fan community. yukisecret)

Anyone who makes me a banner, I will give you a cookie and maybe $1. XD


Why ParaParaParadise?: ParaParaParadise is an incredibly fun system/dancing game. There are thousands of fans WORLDWIDE.

I've got an idea/tutorial for making icons, may I share it in this community?: YES! Most definately! I'd appreciate self-written tutorials, as some people don't know how to make spiffy-gif animations. (Like me!)

If I link you, will you link me back?: Sure! But please make sure it is all "bemani/konami" related.

Admin: hypnotek

Sister-Communities: paraparauk, ddr_ffc