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icon batch

Ok, so... Here we go..

Yum bunny AIM icon

Yum bunny, slightly bigger than 50x50--But can be used as a LJ icon.
--This one also has a "white background".. So it works with black background set pages..

Here is the .gif format/transparent

i'm not entirely too proud of this banner. But I think it works. It's a .gif transparent banner

the next one is set to a white background--for "black" background pages.

This one sucks, a lot. But I was in a hurry, and I don't have many "brushes" or "templates".. But.. Yeah.. I like it, that's what counts.

It is set at .gif transparent, so it won't look right on a blackbackground webpage.

Hope they're ok.. I only had like three pictures to work from. I took a bunch of screencaps at a friends house with Tran from IIDX, i'll be sure to get some more icons. and may even lend out the photos from you guys. <3
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